2016-09-22 04:10:20 by Dawcio510

It's me.

I was wondering if afterall these years something would change.

In madness communniityy.

To a brighter side.

Yet all I see is same animattooorsss.


Okay, shit aside.

Since as of lately, I really have plenty of free time to waste, games aren't so entertaining as they uuused to be - plus MC was the shit back then. Thought about coming here, maybe even animating a thing or two, y'not. Or just spend half a fucking hour to make a single gun, kek.

But, yeh, to be real, not sure if I should maybe start animating again, say hello to flash again - do something I actually enjoyed.



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2016-09-23 12:00:06

Happy Maness Day!
Well, that's pretty normal. Old Flash is old, perfect for beginners but wothless for proffesionals who want to do more. I'm addicted to gaming and made my browser all infected with adware just because I felt for some childish free stuff. Now it's college time and will not have time for anything besides studying, ugh!

Dawcio510 responds:

Aye, same to you, pal.
And, gee, good job on getting adwares, but, we all have needs - let's be fair. Anyhow, best of luck in college, need some bread?