Damn it.

2014-02-14 10:40:39 by Dawcio510

I'm disappointed, I finally downloaded Adobe Flash CS 5.5 but the rar is passworded, I've downloaded a rar password unlocker (( Yes theres a THING called like this. )) and waiting till this shit will get me the right password so I can download this piece of crap and finally start animating or else.

So... I have plans and they're;

  1. Join a collab if possible.
  2. Make a finally a movie which wont have that low rating as my lazy short for MD13.
  3. Stop being lazy, just practice more with flash.
  4. Update my Agent sprites, because I need to finally finish them.

Okay, I'm done with doing that post and I'm gone with the blastwave.


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2014-02-14 11:09:20

1. here is a collab, please join if you want http://spacegod105.newgrounds.com/news/post/884483 .

Dawcio510 responds:

1. I'll tell when I will finally et my flash downloaded.
2. I wont join collab made by someone who don't animate good.
That's all.


2014-02-14 12:43:35

I have a whole post made in paper (because yesterday when I was writing it on the PC, it freezed :|, so I had to copy everything I already writen), but I'm too much lazy and bored to make it :\